Compton-based Fulton Leroy Washington a.k.a. Mr Wash is a self-taught artist with the unique ability to express human emotions in the form of paintings. Wrongfully convicted in 1997 for a non-violent drug offense, he learned and refined his craft while serving a life sentence reluctantly handed down by a judge due to mandatory minimums. After 21 years of imprisonment in federal prison, Mr Wash was granted clemency by President Obama and released in 2016.

The mission of Art By Wash is to present a unique, cutting-edge style of art that captures the world from the perspective of those experiencing it, and who can’t find the words to express what they feel. Following his own life experiences and the way in which he saw the broken U.S. criminal justice system impact the lives of so many, Mr Wash is also a strong advocate of criminal justice reform. He works to use his voice and talents to effect change in this area.

To support Mr Wash as he rebuilds his life, enjoys his newfound freedom, and fights for criminal justice reform, we invite you to become a member of the Art By Wash family. 

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Photo by Sean Mattison

Photo by Sean Mattison